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Tailored, Comprehensive Climate Action

Our Climate Solutions suite is designed to meet your company’s specific needs regarding climate-related disclosures, providing tools that are adaptable to any industry, size, or methodology.

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Carbon Accounting
A Holistic Approach

Our traditional carbon accounting module encompasses Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, offering a comprehensive calculation of CO2e emissions across all organizational operations. This solution aligns with the GHG Protocol, ensuring precision in your emissions reporting and simplification of the data assurance process. It features dynamic dashboards that detail emissions for both upstream and downstream activities and facilities, culminating in the generation of ISO 14064 reports.

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CDP Reporting
Streamlined Data Collection

The CDP reporting tool simplifies the data collection process, ensuring that your CDP reports are precise and comprehensive. With the support of our CDP experts, your company can navigate the complexities of CDP reporting with ease, producing outputs in the required CDP format.


Begin your journey with free MAP360 CDP Maturity Assessment

MAP360 CDP Climate Change Maturity Assessment will be your guide in preparing for CDP reporting. You can use our free solution with 20 questions that you can complete in less than 10 minutes to determine how ready you are for CDP reporting, see your areas of improvement, and get advice to help you prepare.

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Customized Compliance

Our CBAM tool is designed to thoroughly understand your company’s operations and relevant products, automating the CBAM reporting process. This specialized tool facilitates the transition to mandatory disclosure of product carbon emissions, ensuring compliance and easing the burden of CBAM-related reporting.


Transform to Climate Responsibility

Transform to Climate Responsibility

Our suite of Climate Solutions provides the tools and expertise needed to tackle climate reporting challenges effectively. Whether calculating emissions, preparing for CDP reporting, or complying with CBAM requirements, our solutions ensure that your climate disclosure is accurate and compliant.

Achieve Climate Goals with Confidence

With MAP360, navigate the complexities of climate reporting and compliance effortlessly. Our platform offers expert guidance, real-time analytics, and automated tools to ensure you meet and exceed your sustainability targets. Transform your climate initiatives into measurable, impactful actions.

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Standards & Compliance

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